Help Needed to Circulate Petitions to put Voter Suppression Bill on the Ballot

Statehouse Republicans passed a law that will make it harder for Ohioans to vote and we need your help to stop this law from going into effect. They are trying to rewrite the rules and steal the election from President Obama in 2012. Here’s some of what the Republican voter suppression bill does:

  1. Dramatically shortens the number of early voting days – disproportionately impacting working people
  2. Shortens the time frame for requesting, filling out and turning in a mail-in ballot
  3. Abolishes the most popular in-person early voting days – making Election Day lines longer and longer
  4. Makes fewer votes count, disenfranchising thousands of Ohioans

We are working to collect enough over 231,000 signatures to put the voter suppression bill on the ballot - the same way we did with Senate Bill 5.

Will you help us to stop the Republican Party's voter suppression scheme by becoming a petition circulator?


 “Super Committee” Should Cut the War Budget – Just Foreign Policy

By Thanksgiving, twelve Members of Congress are supposed to come up with a plan to reduce the government debt by $1.2 trillion over ten years. Cuts in projected military spending are on the table, and that's good! But so far, most of the discussion concerning cuts in projected military spending has been about the "base" Pentagon budget - not on what we are spending on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The "base" Pentagon budget certainly needs to be cut, but the wars need to end as well. Ending the wars must be part of the debt discussion.

Urge the President and your representatives in Congress to put ending the wars on the table in the debt discussion.

Contract for the American Dream

What is the Contract for the American Dream? It's the promise that we make to one another that all Americans -- rich, poor, or in-between, regardless of skin color or birthplace, no matter their sexual orientation or gender -- have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Join the movement -- Sign the Contract for the American Dream right now.