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The start of the year-end holiday season has been a busy one.  The nation exploded in outrage right before Thanksgiving over the non-indictment of police officer Darren Wilson for the death of Micheal Brown in Ferguson Missouri. 
The Free Press live-blogged a night of the nation-wide protests and you can see a rundown of
what happened and where it happened here.
President Obama formed a commission to improve police and community relations.  His hand-picked panel, far from being a vehicle for reform, contains some of the
leading human rights abusers in American policing.  The presidents panel promises us more repression not more rights.
Harvey Wasserman sounded off with an Op-Ed entitled "
The Brown/Garner Killings are about a Larger State of Official Terror"  We are in the midst of a human rights crisis in America, and the situation grows dire.
Richard S. Ehrlich continues his coverage of politics in  post-coup Thailand.
Read firsthand observations and news from him here.
Our European desk grew this month as
Jeanne Kay joins her husband Lawrence Richards as a regular contributor to the Free Press.  She started her writing journey with us with this scathing indictment of Rolling Stone's recent coverage of the rape-culture gripping UVA's storied campus.



Video of Voices of the Black Academy and graduate students of the Department of African American and African Studies that brought  community groups and individuals together last Saturday to engage in a discussion and to develop action steps for change.

Northeast Ohio AFSC Podcast:  Click to listen to podcast:

Greg Coleridge summarizes last week’s activities; announces upcoming events for next week; and comments on the DC protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement; the federal spending bill (including the buried provisions permitting financial corporations to use FDIC insurance to cover risky derivative bets and the 10 fold increase in campaign contribution “limits”); the Senate report on CIA torture; growing economic (and political) equality; the fracking “bubble” and Ohio; and the broken promises of the Citizens United Supreme Court decisions.


NRC opts to filter truth rather than radiation at GE reactors 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff announced its recommendation that the Commission abandon a proposed rulemaking on radiation filters for venting systems at GE Mark I and Mark II reactors operating in the US with unreliable containments. The regulatory move contradicts an earlier staff recommendation to order filters and shuts out critical independent experts' input on severe accident management at 31 Fukushima-style reactors in 14 states. Read the Beyond Nuclear press release here and more


Press buys nuclear optimism, not reality 

The news media's tendency to lap up optimistic rhetoric -- rather than reality -- about the state of nuclear power, was exemplified again recently in a Reuters story about the U.K. government subsidy to be lavished on NuGen for its reactor plans in Cumbria. "The Moorside plant will be powered by three nuclear reactors by the end of 2026 to be provided by Toshiba's Westinghouse unit, with the first reactor expected to start operating by the end of 2024," the article said. (NuGen is a joint venture between France's GDF Suez and Japan's Toshiba corporation.) If "will" is an over-statement, even "would" is optimistic, given the extensive delays at French reactor projects in France, Finland -- and even at the still uncertain Hinkley C site in the U.K. itself. But the handout was of course essential. As the 2014 WNISR reports, GDF-Suez "has a heavy debt burden of $41 billion . . ... and posts unprecedented impairments of almost $20.5 billion" (pg.56.) In 2014, GDF-Suez was downgraded by credit-rating agency Standard and Poor's from A to BBB+ (pg.8.)

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